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Kyraneas = Cyrene? posted 27 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKyraneas = Cyrene? by talek, Candidate

Another example: "animas" in the Glossary (TTT, p. 410) is described as

The "moving force" of all existence, typically analyzed as the
"Breath of God."

Now, in Latin, "anima" means "breath," and sometimes "soul" (although this would more usually be "animus"). In the ancient world there were many who believed that the world had a soul. The soul of something was often thought of as its moving force, hence our words "animated," "animation," and so on.

The Glossary goes on to mention that some people think that this may be the same as "onta." "Onta" suggests a present participle of the ancient Greek word "to be," i.e., it could be taken to mean "being," which would be appropriate in this case.

It seems highly unlikely that these are coincidences. Whether Mr. Bakker means to suggest a bleed-through, or some other connection with our world, or whether this is just meant to be an atmospheric effect, I don't know. view post


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