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Kyraneas = Cyrene? posted 27 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKyraneas = Cyrene? by talek, Candidate

That's what I'm assuming. I'm just trying to work out the details.

Well, there is this question: suppose we have a word in a three Seas language which has a striking resemblance to a word in an ancient Earth language. Is this (a) just a way of making the word sound ancient, to give a bit of atmosphere, (b) a reference to something in our history, the recognition of which will enrich our experience as readers, or (c) suggestive of some parallel or connection between the two worlds?

In the case of Kyreneas/Pharaoh, I'm not convinced yet that anything more than (a), plus a little coincidence, is involved.

In some cases, however, Mr. Bakker uses ancient Greek words without alteration, and in such a way that their meaning in the Three Seas is the same, or nearly the same, as their meaning in ancient Greek; for example, "Logos." This is a rather striking effect (like giving a character the name "George"). It suggests a kind of bleed-through between that world and our own. view post


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