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The shortest path... posted 29 Jun 2004, 09:06 by Gable, Candidate

Well. It's downright incredible how easy it is to contact your favorite author nowadays. And speaking of which, I can't say how happy it made me to see--on the back cover of TWP--that you were compared to Guy Gavriel Kay, Steven Erikson and George--writes-like-molassess--Martin. My 3 favorite authors. Before, of course, you came along. I admit to being only half way through your new book, and being an aspiring writer myself, was intersted when you mentioned how you were 'rushed' to write this in a years time. Ever read the book 'Runelords'? One of the best first novels I've ever read--then it all goes so very bad in the next few books. Your book, however, has blown me away. Such an inventive and richly detailed world, like Erikson. The kind of intimate, poetic structure that Guy Kay has used to reduce me to a weeping idiot on public transit. Your book really has it all. And like I used to do when I worked at Chapters with Guy Gavriel Kay Books, I've bought numerous copies of your first novel simply intending to give them away--spread the good gospel of the tusk, if you will. At any rate, I can't say enough how inspiring your work is, and I hope you already realize what a monumental thing you've already accomplished with your work thus far. If you're ever set do make any appearance in Vancouver, please let me know. Hell, aside from the whole 'affect other people' and 'leave behind a legacy' hooplah that spurns a writer to write...a great big part of me wants to have other writers--namely my fellow canadians--as friends and peers...odd as that may sound. Ah, to drink a Rickards Red with GGK and egg him on that I saw the ending of Tigana coming all along...hehe. Okay, I'm off. Thanks for enduring this lengthy post--it's actually the first chapter of my book! (untrue) And hey, any response would be a wonderfully welcome one. Thank you. Nicholas J. G. Eames ....sound like it could be a writers name someday? view post


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