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Kyraneas = Cyrene? posted 26 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKyraneas = Cyrene? by talek, Candidate

"Kyraneas" suggests "Cyrene," an ancient Greek colony (now Shahlat) in Lybia. OK, it's a little farfetched (although "c" and "k" are both widely used to transliterate the same Greek letter, kappa, so that Cyrene=Kyrene), but there is also this: the native Lybians called on the Egyptian Pharoah (= Mog-Pharau?) to help them throw the Greeks out. Pharaoh was, however defeated. Note that "Anaxophus," as in "Anaxophus V, defeater of Mog-Pharau," is a name of Greek flavor ("anax" = "prince"). view post


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