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Thousand Fold Though Revisited posted 25 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThousand Fold Though Revisited by Mandati Shinigami13, Commoner

Since Moengus and Kellus both agreed on the TTT, it seems that the only difference is the question of the existence of the Outside. Another difference I wonder about is how they would implement their rule; what it would be used to accomplish. Kellhus seems to want to use it to unite mankind in preparation for the comning Apocalypse, but what would Moengus do?

I've read speculation that the Dunyain might join the Consult. Perhaps Moengus would have eventually used this unification to speed man's fall. Or perhaps it would allow the Dunyain to use entire nations as training grounds for their order. This might let them shorten their ultimate goal by several generations (or lengthen it, who knows). In the end, it does seem to all hinge on the existence of the Outside. We'll probably have to wait for AE to find out more, but I enjoy throwing these thoughts out. view post


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