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Can we really tell history "as it was"? posted 25 April 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionCan we really tell history "as it was"? by Sokar, Auditor

Primal -> I am not really sure where you are going with this:

I think we can approach an understanding of the mentality of the past by looking at the mentality of now. The world is not in the same stages of development. Parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa still have herding, fishing, individual-agriculture that make up the majority of livelihood, not like the mass productions of more tech-advanced civilizations. Also, there are the factors of religion, culture, war, etc, needs, and wants.

How does this support the truth and history as being separate? Are you meaning to say that what there is, is the historical evidence for "progress" in socio-economic sense? Or are you simply illustrating the defferent opinions on how history is perceived, due to socio-economic differences? And of course the connection to truth of these.. The reason I ask, is because I don't agree.. I think... view post


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