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Can we really tell history "as it was"? posted 24 April 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionCan we really tell history "as it was"? by MrJims, Commoner

No, we cannot tell history the way it was.

Reasons. Firstly, the word. Written or spoken can never truly to justice to an event, emotion or experience. Secondly, history holds many aspects. An individual, the planet, a civilization, etc. As other's have mentioned here a history must be recorded by historian or someone filling that role. How much did they see? How were they just told by others and how trustworthy are those others, or our historian for that matter. From what disposition is our historian writing, what are his/her beliefs, experiences, prejudices and how are they affecting his/her account.
The truth, I think, is you can never know reality.(The realm of events). What we call reality is really our accumulated sensory input. The observer is not outside the obervation therefore the obersvation is tainted. This being said, Histories should still be written. view post


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