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How odd... posted 14 April 2006 in Off-Topic DiscussionHow odd... by Quinthane, Candidate


Wow. Who knew?

I went to the gym today and discovered that I am endowed with super-human strength. I'm pretty sure that yesterday this wasn't the case. I can't swear to that, but I don't recall being able to uproot trees or bend steel or nothing. that I think on it...I didn't really try any of that yesterday.

Anyway, today I seem to be capable of feats of godlike strength. I bench-pressed the entire aerobics room, did shrugs with the reception desk, and dead-lifted the smoothie bar. Then I was asked to leave. After doing some curls with a Jeep 4X4 in the parking lot I decided that I'm probably not going to get much more out of conventional lifting so I came home.

I've opened all the jars in the house and rotated the garage three feet to the left. (better angle on the driveway)

But, I'm not sure that this is the best use for my new-found uncanny prowess. Feels like I out, I dunno, humanity or something. I've left the house three times with the intention of going out to save the world, but haven't made it as far as the street yet. Not sure if this is a 'What would Kellhus do?' situation or more a Cnaiur-beat the crap outta anyone who tapes a 'faggot-weeper' sign on my back.

You folks are pretty bright, any thoughts?

Quinthane-"Master of the Onefold Thought"

(By the way, I tried that thing where you squeeze a lump of coal incredibly hard and it turns into a diamond. But I must not be doing it right cause all I got were really, really small pieces of coal.)

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