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Kellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. posted 13 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Kelhus is probably best labelled as amoral, as you are right Curethan, the Dunyain are radically different to the rest of humanity when it comes to morals. However for the sake of the debate I was comparing them on our own moral scale as opposed to where they stand on their own.

Yes communication is manipulation, but say philosophical discourse doesn't normally try and circumvent logical or rational thought processes. Kelhus and the Dunyain do. In essence they aren't trying to convince you of something to get you to do what they want, they use semantic tricks, superior intellect, and a superior knowledge of the human psyche to in essence tell you what you think. Sort of ties into a thread that Scott started in the Q&A section about neuromarketing and what it is trying to achieve. view post


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