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Water posted 13 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWater by Mahajanga Mordecai, Auditor

Ah, but this is where I disagree mon frere. Depending upon what POV you are judging from, the matter can swing either way. If you're looking at it from a ordinary Earwans perspective then any medium that edits or manipulates reality by way of the esoterics is sorcery.

If you are, however, a practioner of such crafts, a theologian, or a philosopher you are likely to come away with a different opinion. Sorcery is largely based on meanings. Granted metaphysics is an important variable but by and large sorcery requires a cognitive approach. Given that fact I don't think that the Pshuke, in it's purest sense, can be considered sorcery. Though it can be augmented or used to sorcerous ends, see Moenghus, it almost completely lacks a cognitive approach.

This, I think, is why Akka mentioned once that he wasn't even sure that the Pshuke could be considered sorcery; neither it's intellectual approach nor its metaphysical approach follows the basic rules of what is commonly recognized as sorcery by sorcerers and/or other speculators in-the-know. view post


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