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Kellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. posted 10 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Primal, Peralogue

Let me pose a question (for which I don't think there is a clear answer):
If the actions of Kellhus and Cnaiur are interpreted as evil, then which of the two is more evil?

You have Kellhus, a master of people politics, seen as a manipulator who uses people to an ends, and not as a means in themselves.

You have Cnaiur, bred on war, who goes on rages and rapes women and kills the elderly and children.

The one is a subtle, different kind of "morally" questionable element. The other is more plain sighted. Also, it would seem that people have more empathy with or sympathy towards Cnaiur. Cnaiur, who instead of "manipulating" people, committs what people would consider atrocities (raping, killing villagers). Maybe people fear or hate Kellhus more because he is more dangerous? And accept Cnaiur's actions due to his "unbalanced" mind?


In response to some comments:

Kellhus does not bring war. The war was before Kellhus. If anything, Kellhus only brings better organization to the side he's with.

You want Kellhus to be the bad guy just because he's too powerful? Personally, I would want the protagonist to be powerful, especially against the insane Erratic and destructively engineered Inchoroi. Mekeritrig, one of the Erratics, has been practicing sorcery for thousands of years. I think you don't like Kellhus because the idea of him is too different from the idea of your protagonist. You like Achamian because he is human, flawed. The way I see it, Kellhus is the most flawed character. Here you have Kellhus, who as a child is forced to master the Logos. If he fails, he dies. He succeeds and is raised according to Dunyain, who super-develop certain aspects of the human and at the same time eliminate or reduce the human aspects of emotions, keeping Kellhus exposed from that which is considered "normal". So, in certain regards, he is supremely developed and in other regards, such as the emotional, he is underdeveloped. Remember Esmenet comparing the "gazes" between Achamian and Kellhus during the final battle sequence of TTT, where Achamian and her go at it? Dont remember exact quote but goes something like this: "Achamian...who looked at her with such intensity, such desperation...and Kellhus, with his calm, cool blue eyes, who she knew could never look at her in such a way... "
This is the flaw, and a tragedy, of Kellhus. view post


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