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hobbies? posted 07 April 2006 in Off-Topic Discussionhobbies? by Brent, Commoner

I am pressed for such, my hobbies and pastimes have suffered.

I enjoy hiking, running, rollerblading, cross country-skiing. All offer a wonderfully invigorating dynamism...they can also, paradoxically, provide the solace of solitude in a frenetic, bustling world.

I like discussing the many problems in our world...political, religious, you name it. I keep hoping through such discussions I'll stumble upon some interesting proposed solutions. No luck so far. But I still have fun.

I'm interested in cultivating any number of skills and pastimes that might help me ultimately achieve some degree of self-reliant living...I will never fully achieve this. However, in learning to knit and perl recently for instance, I can now look at knitted clothing and better admire how well or poorly it is constructed. I think I'll try my hand at some iron/metal work projects next. view post


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