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Poll: What would you be in prince of nothing? posted 06 April 2006 in Off-Topic DiscussionPoll: What would you be in prince of nothing? by Randal, Auditor

That's what surprises me most about this thread... people actually want to be a Scylvendi? What the hell?

I mean, these guys are cruel and savage in any sense of the word, have a society that discourages any form of human affection, regularly go and murder or rape their neigbours. (or both.) They have a lifestyle where you never take a bath, never read a book, are always riding and moving from place to place, looking after herds. Where the weak are despised and the strong rule all. A society moreover that's so traditional and rooted in it's track that nothing new ever happens. Generation after generation, the same wars, the same raids, the same rapes and murders. You can't do anything new.

I mean, even if you admire their "passion and fierceness" of the Scylvendi... wouldn't this schtick get old real fast? view post


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