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Seswatha's dreams. posted 05 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by Curethan, Didact

I agree that Achamian is more than he thinks he is (Aren't we all...)
And Seswatha's dreams would certainly affect your personality (They're nearly as bad as some of mine, hehe)

I feel that Achamian has certainly changed throughout the series, but I cannot see him in anything like what Seswatha was during the first apocalypse. He was the constant, implacable foe of the Consult rousing nations and armies against them, at the head of every victory and calamity that befel the Norasai. Possesing unrivaled knowledge of the gnosis and the lore of the non-men, he certainly seemed the Kahiht of the apocalypse to me. Achamian on the other hand has, at the end of TTT, rejected Kellhus, the Mandate, Esmenet and everything that made him himself, becoming an outcast with no purpose. The way I see it he has three options ... return to Kellhus and kneel (probable, Kellhus isn't wrong much), join with the consult (highly unlikely) or go and live as a hermit and fight the consult on his own (not very conducive to the storyline).

I guess that in the way that Esmenet sees the parallel between Achamian and Seswatha I can agree though. (Recalling that Esmenet's perception of Seswatha is drawn from the Sagas) Both Achamian and Seswatha suffer greatly in their struggle against the consult and neither recieve aknowledgment or reward for their pain and loss. view post


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