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What about akka and esme. posted 05 April 2006 in The Warrior ProphetWhat about akka and esme. by glaz, Peralogue

i just finished reading TWP, and i must say, i feel sorry for akka and esmi.

yes, i admit im a romantis at heart, but logically, esmi had every right to "go" with kellhus after akka. mainly, it's because of a reason that's already posted: they thought akka was dead.

life doesn't end just because of that, esmi should look for another man because she still lives. what i don't like though, was kellhus "tone" when he thought (about esmi) "soon you would be mine" (paraphrased statement.)

that saddened me so much because akka was evolving with esmi. he was feeling happiness.

the saddest part, though, was when he returned and at first thought that everything would be like how he left it. after knowing what had happened, he just... crumpled. yes, he got angry, but his aura does not exude hatred, but grief and lost hope... and visions of "what could have been" view post


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