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Seswatha's dreams. posted 04 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by Curethan, Didact

The Dreams were changing before Kellhus mastered the Gnosis

I thought that was the case, it was just that I could only be sure of it during the last dream described in TTT. If you could elaborate?

Kellhus seems (to me) to be more Seswatha's historical equivilent as Seswatha mainly seemed to work through others also ... Celomas, his son, Anaxophus etc. - a motivator as much as an active participant.
(Why couldn't he wield the Heron Spear btw? It seems almost as if he couldn't even touch it...)

I'd like to hear others' reasons for believing that Akka and Seswatha are so similar, perhaps I'm missing something. view post


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