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Dan Brown posted 01 April 2006 in Literature DiscussionDan Brown by Sokar, Auditor

I can't believe that someone reading the Prince of Nothing could actually enjoy Dan Brown.. Surely, there is controversy to the Church's actions, but he justified it. I remember some passage: "Langdon knew that the modern Church would never do something like that any more" describing hiring assassins to kill somebody. I read it, and forgot it.

He makes little sense in his storylines: the typical American Dream movie. There is always a bimbo and it turns out perfect. Another fragment:
His life is in danger, he is asked by Sofie to run with her and he answers: "Only if you call me Robert!", not Mr. Langdon. ??? She finds her family and they drink soup. Where does he get all of this CRAP!

There is a lawsuit against him for the Da Vinci Code, if I understood correctly, it is because he stole the story of the sacred feminine. So his book is useless, in fact it is not even his book.

The only thing these books are good for is wasting your time... Ok I admit that the symbology part interested me as well, but that is really that. If you read one of his books, you can forget the others (well I read the two mentioned, but I suppose that the others will have nothing more to add) view post


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