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Cnaiur posted 30 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by nvyxxus_negus, Commoner

i agree w/Curethan. Through it all, Cnaiur has definitely stood apart -again, 'outside' other characters' reasoning and motives. he has his own motivation, walks his own path. ok; it may be madness drawn from suffering and denial, it may be pure hate, but it is HIS hate, his madness. he talks about Moenghus leading him into an uncharted path -off the beaten track, so to speak. (but why did Moenghus do it? and is kellhus like his dad, then- also leading ppl 'offroad?' if so, why? don't tell me it is all about this 'Absolute!' Humbug!) you have to kind of admire that inability to be swayed that Cnaiur has. i admit i've wished to see him succeed from the end of TDTCB -except to kill kellhus -there were still too many ambiguities there; too much mystery. (have you noticed that there are several characters who have stressed this type of self-awareness: they are their OWN, their motives are their OWN, etc.? achamian seems the same, and on occasion, esmenet ...) view post


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