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Cnaiur posted 30 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Curethan, Didact

Now, now.
Cnaiur appears to be the most overlooked character on these forums. It's surprising to me to see that there is speculation that TTT was his "swazond-song"(hehe).
In my estimationhe gets almost as much narrative devoted to him as Akka, which in itself should tell you something. His character is one to which Scott has devoted a lot of thought to creating, because his actions require a convoluted and deep study to understand. Although he is responsible for many horrid acts, these are largely premeditated by his "darkness that comes before" and his attempts to reconcile his personality to it, giving rise to his insanity. However, of all the characters in the entire series, he is also one of the few who performs/attempts selfless acts to aid others, although he refuses to aknowledge them. Furthermore his role saving Kellhus in the circumfixion underpins his role as a key device in the series.
His relationship to both the consult and Kellhus is doubly interesting as he is "outside" their control, yet used/using both.
And as for him being too old for the next volume, the glossary clearly states the inchoroi's ability to grant "immortality". view post


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