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The appearance of the Sranc? posted 23 June 2004 in Author Q & AThe appearance of the Sranc? by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Hi Scytale. There are some references to the Sranc in TWP, but I think the most 'thorough' remains the one given in the prologue of TDTCB, where they are described - if I remember aright - as 'dog-chested and inhumanly beautiful.'

One of the things I like doing (and I've had more than a few of my readers curse me for it!) is allowing the story to slowly fill in the more enigmatic background details, with the idea of having the picture relatively complete by the end of PON. The Nonmen (and Bashrag), for instance, find themselves described in the beginning of TTT. view post


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