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They make us love??? posted 27 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThey make us love??? by Big Jim Dwyer, Commoner

The issue raised here is much deeper than Cnaiur's lack of love as a child.

Think about the statement again: "They make us love them."

The important word here is make. Is there anything more horrific? First Cnaiur, and then Achamian, and then Esmenet realize that they mean exactly nothing to the Moenghus (Cnaiur) or Kellhus (Achamian and Esmenet), but they still can't stop loving them. No matter how hard they try the three of them are forever attached to their Dunyain (if Cnaiur is still alive that is).

What we have here is yet another similarity between Dunyain and the Consult. Both make others love them.

Big Jim Dwyer

Men eat and drink, buy and sell, marry, and are given in marriage, and all the time there is something in the sky at which they cannot look. They must be very brave. view post


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