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The appearance of the Sranc? posted 22 Jun 2004, 22:06 by Scytale, Commoner

Hi Scott, We came across a few Sranc in The Darkness that comes Before, but I can't recall if we're given any hint about what they look like, excepting the fact that they leave an unusual print in the snow. I'm currently half way through The Warror Prophet - damn, Kellhus is an interesting character! - and the character of Sranchammer and his shruken Sranc heads has come up a few times. Can you give us an idea about what the Sranc look like? I've got it into my head that they're kind of reptillian looking, but I have no idea why. Are you able to elaborate on their general appearance? Also, this one's probably a no-go area (seeing as we've currently met only one), but can you gives us an idea about what Nonmen look like? Finally, any chance you can get TTT out soon? :wink: Waiting the best part of a year to find out what happens is going to be a nightmare! :( view post


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