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Female Dunyain? posted 23 March 2006 in Author Q & AFemale Dunyain? by Xray the Enforcer, Auditor

Thinking back to Kellhus's character early in his dealings with society at large, he does come across as strangely neuter, although this may be a result of no on-screen interactions (IIRC) with women until Serwe. I'll pay more attention to this as I re-read the books.

But I am not sure that Esmenet's promotion to spymaster can be used to infer the role of women in the Dunyain. Spying, whispers and such, I think, would be seen as emasculating (for the Inrithi) and inefficient (for Kellhus, who seems to prefer the "personal touch" when it comes to manipulating events.) Essentially, spying could be viewed as "women's work." view post


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