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Couple of questions after a reread posted 19 Jun 2004, 14:06 by Replay, Auditor

First off, just want to say that i probably enjoyed the book even more on the reread. And I have always felt that the reread is the test of a good book. Perhaps the thing is that on the second time through you already know what will happen, so have no expectations. I know the first time that i read it, I did feel it took a bit too long for Kellhus to show up again, and perhaps this did spoil my enjoyment of the other characters a little. On the reread though, this was not a problem. There were still a couple of things i wasn't all that keen on (specifically character based), but i think they mainly come down to personal preference. Other than that I thought the book was outstanding, especially the interaction between characters such as Kellhus and Cnaiur. Anyway on to my questions. The first is, did the Dunyain have any dealings at all with people from the outside (such as for trade)? The reason i ask is because if they have not, it seems strange that they spend so much time learning to read peoples faces. Unless of course not all of them undergo such training to mask their own. The second is that it would be interesting to know what sources you drew on whilst writing the Kellhus flashback scenes. Or was it more from personal experience? Either way i thought you handled the scene extremely well, and were fairly accurate it what it is like. It was certianly one of my favourite parts of the book. view post


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