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Nuclear Power posted 16 March 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionNuclear Power by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

i'm kind of split on the issue. looking back at chernobyl obviously raises the concerns of something like that happening again. however, science has evolved a hell of a lot within the last 50 years, and i think nuclear power would be a lot safer nowadays.

i was born in pickering, ontario, where there is a nuclear plant, but i never really knew much about.

however, i think there are way better alternatives, and that nuclear power is only part of the future energy needs.

for example, denmark has been investing in a lot of windmills. something like that has a huge start up cost, but it eventually pays for itself. when the world runs out of oil and coal, the danes will be laughing their asses off at us, cos they will be basically self sufficient. i think more nations definitely shold be looking into wind powered generators, as well as solar powered ones. if they start phasing these things in now, by the time we truly need them they will be there. view post


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