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Drugs posted 16 March 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionDrugs by Sokar, Auditor

Randal -> I am of the opinion that drugs should be used to solve problems. In fact, I would most probably have the same judgemental opinion of a politician using drugs to solve a crisis as anybody else. My point was that drugs give a "new", maybe better to say different, perspective. And through this perspective you can come to other conclusions, which are, to me personally, much mroe simplified.

It is true that I don't remember most of the solutions I have had, and ideed most of them make little sense once back in "reality", but when I read some things I have written down while on drugs, I am shocked at how simple some things are, and how much I have thought in directions that are not relevant. Again, maybe it's a personal thing.

Gierra -> Just a question, as I used to draw (just made scetches with a pen or pencil) a long time ago. I have never drawn while on drugs, so I would not know if I would be creative. What strikes me is that your brain is overload while sober. For me it is the other way around. While on drugs I cannot stop thinking, in fact I don't want to stop thinking. So my question is, how is that nuisence? I would imagine it to be a gift, to let your mind wonder off in any direction on the painting. Or does it really depend on the art itself, maybe concentration? view post


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