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Mekeritrig posted 13 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by anor277, Didact

Quote: "unJon":put5bz29
*agrees with WP*[/quote:put5bz29]

Agreed, Moenghus talked of the void "twice" rising up in the world; this referred to (i) the Inchoroi, and (ii) the renascent Consult. It is mentioned elsewhere that should the No-God return it will be his "second coming". Mekeritrig's claim that he fought for and against the No-God is either in error or must fit in the confines of the 1st apocalypse (i.e. the Kuniuri/Consult war and not the Ishroi/Inchoroi war). view post


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