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Chorae - Weapons of the Tekne? posted 13 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae - Weapons of the Tekne? by Shryke, Candidate

it was explained by Scott on the Q&A forums ages back (pre TWP actually) but it basically goes like this.

Nonmen sorcerors discover/invent a new form of sorcery called the Aporos. It's based on using the paradoxes inherent in languages and description to unravel sorcery. It's considered too dangerous to be researched and the Aporotic (think that's the right word) are banned from using it. This is because nonmen technology IS sorcery, and this branch of it is a threat to everything their society is built on.

Then, after the Womb Plague, when the nonmen attack the inchoroi, we find out that the Inchoroi had contacted those Aporotic sorcerours and given them a place to study and refine their craft. The result is the Chorae. The Inchoroi used these to withstand and counteract the nonmen Qura, who had devistated them the first time they'd fought.

The Inchoroi then, I believe, after their eventual defeat, gave many of these to men to help them wipe out the last of the nonmen.

Oh, and FYI, if you didn't get it already, these have NOTHING to do with the Tekne. Chorae are, funnily enough, sorcerous artifacts. view post


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