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Chorae - Weapons of the Tekne? posted 13 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae - Weapons of the Tekne? by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Brady":i842n6ay
Does anyone else think that Chorae are possibly weapons first designed by the Inchoroi to combat the magic of the Non-men? I recall Akka (or maybe some other character) reflecting that no one knows where Chorae came from, or how they are created.

The main clue that made me think the Chorae could be 'weapons of the Void' is during one of the Ciphrang POVs in TTT. Zioz recognizes the Chorae only as 'absences'', which perked my interest. Absence implies that the Chorae lack something that links them to the world, and to the Outside. Zioz, as a creature of the Outside, cannot quite fathom what they are, because they are alien to Earwa. They are things of the void, like the Sranc or skin-spies.[/quote:i842n6ay]

I think the glossary contains references to Non-Men sorcerors of the Aporos, who, as renegades designed the Chorae, which were then used by the Inchoroi as a defense against the mighty Non-Men sorcerors (i.e. the An-aporetic ones to use a double negative). In other words, the chorae are not Techne artefacts but Non-Men ones. view post


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