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Mekeritrig posted 12 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by anor277, Didact

We're actually not supposed to know that Kellhus encountered Mekeretrig (or at least those who dislike spoilers would prefer not to know that). The idea that Mekeritrig showed mercy to Seswatha on the wall is a good one - and towards the end of the dream now that you recall it, it seems that the Non-Man may have relented. Of course, Seswatha might have escaped from the collar and the wall in a similar way to Achamian getting out of the circle (an improbable circumstance I know).

As regards Mekeretrig's encounter with Kellhus, it may be significant that the Non-Man didn't know Kellhus was Dunyain (though he did know Kellhus was an Anasurimbor). Perhaps, the Non-Man simply forgot the encounter (he didn't take Kellhus' skin to jog his memory); as a "founding" member of the Consult (and he is probably still active), he simply may not have to report to the Inchoroi brothers or Shauriatis (however you spell it) - he may have bigger concerns, resurrecting the No-God for instance. view post


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