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Water posted 11 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWater by Noctis, Candidate

There's a connection between the soul (psukhe) and water in ancient Greek philosophers before Plato, intriguing since the Cishaurim are the psukhe school...

There are similar ancient theories about the soul being made of fire, as well (for example, Heraclitus thought the soul was made of fire until it died, then it became water).

Correct me on this if I'm off base, but don't the Scarlet Spires seem to use mostly fire-based magic (dragon heads and so on)? Their natural opposite would then be the water-based magic of the Cishaurim. Makes me wonder if we are going to see the other Classical elements (earth and air) as the bases of other Anagogic schools. view post


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