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RipTide posted 08 March 2006 in Member Written WorksRipTide by Cu Roi, Candidate

A year ago, on March 28th around 1 to 2 am in the morning, my older brother Aeneas was sleeping in his bed next to his wife. Their 5yr old daughter Tia was in her bed in the next room.

A man broke into the house. Stole into their bedroom. He shot my brother once through the head. Julie, my brother's wife, woke up. She blocked the first bullet with her hand. He then shot her once in the throat and again in the face.

He left, went to his home, and shot himself.

Tia, woke to the noise and found her parents. She called 911, & directed the operator to send police and medical help for her parents.

They arrived in time to keep my brother from dying. Julie was dead on the scene.

The family gathered at the hospital, only to find out that Aeneas had not recovered any brain activity. He was connected to machines, the only reason he hadn't died yet. For two days we spoke with doctors, hoping that one of them would tell us something different. Eventually we made the decision to unhook him.

I held his hand when he suffocated to death. I felt his last heartbeat.

He was he senior by 2yrs. We had been close, along with my younger brother Cyrus.

Aeneas & Julie were beach bums. He had been a lifeguard for many years. It was how he met his wife Julie. They were surfers. A young vibrant couple, not without their problems, the center of their world was Tia.

This is being written for my family and extended family. I'm telling you this because the ones reading this will have this knowledge. There are many small innocuous tidbits in this that I don't expect anyone but them to understand, but I think it neccessary to have a little knowledge of the events.

For more information simply do a google search for: Tia Hernlen, or Aeneas or Julie Hernlen.

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