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Men v. Nonmen posted 08 March 2006 in Author Q & AMen v. Nonmen by Entropic_existence, Moderator

I just culled what little I could from the appendix and other things briefly mentioned in the books. The Chronicles of the Tusk end with the men of Eanna marching on Earwa and the Breaking of the Gates, and the Tusk itself contains prohibitions on Sorcery as well as mentioning Shamans, Sorcerors, etc. So we know that since human Sorcerors are mentioned in the Tusk, humans had developed some form of Anagogic Sorcery prior to the Breaking of the Gates. (They also knew about Nonmen at this time so the language of the Anagogic used could still have been based on a Nonman tongue or some other tongue.)

As for a particular thread where Scott talks about it I'm not sure, have to dig around. view post


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