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RipTide posted 08 March 2006 in Member Written WorksRipTide by Cu Roi, Candidate

This is a VERY rough 1st draft.

Don't be gentle though. This is important. I'll explain later.

Also, I was inebriated when I wrote it, so i apologize in advance for spelling and grammar...excuses, excuses...




The tang of salt in his mouth.

He stopped himself from trying to breathe. It would just drown him.

The current pulled him. Moved him.

He fought for several moments. Panicked.

Heart racing.

He stopped.

Which way was up?

He couldn't tell...No way to tell.

Had his board hit him?

He couldn't remember.

Go limp. Let the ocean take you.

Hold on.


He would surface. Then he could swim.

Swim where?

To Shore!

Which beach was he on?

Where had he been?


Just pain.

Above his right eye...and the back of his head...

Near his left ear...

Yes...the board must have hit him as he went under...

Was someone else there?

Had someone been next to him?

The tide surged.


The pressure!


He let out a little air when it became to much.


He could hold on.

God it's dark!

It hurts!


How far out was he by now?

It seemed had passed!

The burning in his lungs!

His skull...It crackled with fire!

All he could taste was salt.

Almost tasted like...


He MUST do this!



He couldn't stand it any longer.

He fought.

Pulling against the grasp of the wine dark sea.

He was so tired.

He went the wrong way!!!


Glide towards the current.

Like a bird...or a dolphin.

That's it.

The trench had to end.

When it did he could rise.

His arms swept.

Shoulders and back burned with acid.

He must.


How long?


It tastes like...!

He pulled until his arms gave out.

Then kicked until he went numb.

Too much.

He held onto his breath.

He didn't know how.

It had been too long.

It almost felt like he was breathing.

Just a little.

He could only move where the current pushed him now.

He was losing.

He was going to die.

Calm came over him.

He gave up.

He had nothing left.

His air left him.

Her fell into Aegir's jaws.


Was there light?

Could he see light?

Someone grabbed him.

She was there.

Held him tight and pulled.



He broke the surface.


Screaming breath.

It hurt and soothed all at once.

The cool blue of the surf cut a flowing line into the white sand. Green palms waved aboved, while rocks broke through the earth like jagged knuckles. Emerald mountains beyond rose to the sun. He could move. So he did.

She helped him for a while. Closing the distance to the shore with every push of the tide. She let go of him when they were close to it. She spun in the water. Eyes flashing at him. He loved those eyes. She giggled from the throat in that way she did...

She stood in the surf, and ran towards the beach. Naked body glistening. He never could make her wear a goddamned thing.

When he pulled himself from the water, through the sand and fell on his towel he looked back. The water was so clear. Why had it been so dark? Her deep sigh drew his attention back to her. She handed him something cold to drink from the cooler. He washed away the salt from his throat. She stretched her long frame out next to his. She had no shame as she offered herself to the sun's warm caress. Her full breasts settled on her ribcage, and he admired her bronze figure. Her hip bones arching from her flat belly, and giving way to her endless legs. Those hips that had sheltered Her, once upon a time. Her belly hadn't been so flat then. She was his amazon. Why would he want to make her wear clothes?

He looked around. "Where is everybody?", he asked.

"They're coming.", she replied
"Where is She?", he asked alarmed. His head whipped around searching the shoreline.
"She's with everyone else. She's coming. Rest a bit."

He was tired, so he did. Dreams took him.

When he woke, he built a fire. It was a warm fire. Very little smoke and pleasant. He looked around and saw his fishing rod propped amongst others near a log. The tide was going out so he entertained the idea of casting to see what he would catch. Embers floated from the blaze like fireflies. He thought he could hear whispers, but no one had come yet. It sounded like they were talking about her and him. Crying too. Why? "I must still be shaken from the wipeout...or that beer hit me harder than...", he thought. His thoughts didn't get too much farther. He saw her stirring from sleep. His eyes encompassed her. Groped her. She yawned, and looked at him. Her eyes searched his. She laughed, twisted and was her feet in an instant. She sprang down the beach. He followed. Dropping his board shorts as he went. They wouldn't be here that soon. view post


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