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Super-Sorcery posted 04 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSuper-Sorcery by Diem Kaye, Candidate

You know, Unjon, this made me think of something interesting. Probably not at all possible with the metaphysics of Bakker's world, but it's just an interesting little tidbit to mull over.

For some reason, ever since they were brought up, I've been really curious about the halos around Kellhus's hands. We know that he's not doing it on purpose, because for one, if he was using a regular type of sorcery to create them, Akka and all the other sorcerers would be able to spot it for the ruse it was right away. Secondly, Kellhus himself seems to be confused about their origin.

Now we know that the Psukhe is a sorcery that can't be seen by the Few and is also tied with passion and emotion. We also know that when Kellhus was up on that circumfix he started weeping and experiencing some uncontrollable emotions at the same time. Now since Kellhus has always been one of the Few we can assume that he could've started using sorcery at any time. All he was lacking was the training.

So perhaps Kellhus somehow dipped into the Psukhe without knowing and managed to bestow these haloes upon himself without concious thought. Didn't he first see the haloes around himself when he first got down from the tree? If that were true, perhaps somewhere along the twenty years he starts to learn a little bit more about the Psukhe, just enough to help him train one of his sons in the way you suggested.

Like I said, it's probably not even possible within the rules of Earwa and I doubt Scott would have the origin of the haloes be something that flimsy, but it's just an entertaining thought. view post


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