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Schools of the 3 seas posted 03 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSchools of the 3 seas by Diem Kaye, Candidate

Does it ever actually mention one way or another whose Moenghus's father is?

Because if you remember in TWP, the two guards were told by Kellhus exactly how to go about their conversation, since he knew Cnair would hear it and automatically assume the kid was his and not Kellhus's, it could've just another string to pull Cnair along.

Personally though, I do hope it's Cnair's son and not Kellhus's. Just because Cnair was one of my favorite characters and even if we do see him come back in the Aspect Emperor, it's highly doubtful that he'll even be recognizable as the character he once was. Twenty years with the Consult would surely change a guy. view post


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