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Explanation for Achamian's survival?? posted 02 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtExplanation for Achamian's survival?? by Diem Kaye, Candidate

Oh, I agree it would be completely against Achamian's character to use the Cants on Iyokus.

I was just saying, that being blinded wasn't what drove Zin crazy. I mean, maybe it's just because we don't really get too many viewpoints from Iyokus, but throughout the story, he hardly seemed bothered by his blindness at all. (Compared to poor Zin, who holds Iyokus's eyes in front of his sockets while pretending to look at himself in the mirror.)

I was just saying from the selfish viewpoint of a reader, it would've been nice to see Achamian torture the crap out of Iyokus. view post


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