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Inchoroi Origins/Aims posted 23 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi Origins/Aims by Twayleph, Auditor

wasn't it mentioned somewhere that there were no live births during the Apocalypse even among animals or did I misread that?

Actually Scott said the opposite, in answer to a query by Cynical Cat.

CC :
I was thinking about Mog-Pheru and the eleven barren years that resulted when he stocked the Earth. This is bad enough for humans, but for shorter lived animals it would have been devestating [...]

Scott :
Since the Nonmen no longer reproduce, it only affected humans. The idea has been that only the rare animal ever 'awakens' enough to develop a soul in Earwa, but that's not something I've ever explored to date.

So the implication is that only beings with souls were affected. Like White Lord said, the No-God might've made an exception on his followers - which would explain why the Scylvendi would rally to him - but somehow that strikes me as implausible. The No-God seems a force of chaos and void, hardly capable and/or willing to make such distinctions in his stillbirth-power. view post


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